Consulting Services

HR Consulting Services Tailored to the needs of your Business

Our HRM Consulting Services encompass a broad spectrum of HR disciplines designed to provide HR expertise that supports the success of your organization. Our delivery of consulting services is based upon timely execution of agreed upon deliverables and performance results.
We’ll show you how to avoid costly litigation by maintaining compliance with state and federal employment regulations, and providing management training and support.
You get exactly what you need
Whether you need ongoing HR support, assistance with a specific project or issue, or strategic insight on how to make the most of your human capital investments, Trupp HR is well-suited to provide exactly what you need without any hidden fees or retainers
We take the time to understand your business
We approach each project with the success of your business in mind. We offer a personalized HR experience heavily focused on your culture and business strategy. We strive to satisfy your HR needs in a way that contributes to the current objectives of your organization
We begin with the end in mind
We take a results-based approach to the delivery of HR services. HR Consulting efforts are framed by key objectives along with the steps, resources and expertise required to achieve those outcomes. Project scope, complexity and client preferences are expertly navigated through management of schedules, deliverables, and status updates
We provide professional, easy-to-understand communications
Our communications are designed to be easily understood and leveraged by the target audience—whether an offer letter for a new employee or findings and recommendations report for top leadership. Regardless of the project, HR Roll realizes that providing an “answer” or submitting a report is not always sufficient. Equipping the employer to implement or message that information can be equally as important

HR Consulting Services that drive value to your Business


Mitigate risk by ensuring your workforce management practices are compliant with federal, state, and local regulations

Employee Leave Administration

Navigate regional leave laws with ease, whether establishing company leave policies, managing employee leaves or addressing a specific issue that arises