HR Leaders Say Talent Acquisition Is The Biggest Challenge – Survey

HR Leaders Say Talent Acquisition Is The Biggest Challenge – Survey

Attracting the best talent with critical skills, retaining them and enhancing workforce productivity are top three human resource challenges that Indian organisations foresee in the coming year, says a survey.

According to 54 per cent of the respondents of the HR Game Changers 2016 survey, which was conducted by Randstad, the war for talent continues to be a serious impediment for corporate India.

The survey that is based on the feedback and outlook of almost 500 Indian HR leaders offered an overview of top 13 workplace trends that are likely to define HR landscape in the country in 2016.

Around 40 per cent of the HR leaders surveyed in India ranked greater alignment of HR with business as the top HR Game Changer of 2016, as the end objective is common for both.

According to 35 per cent of HR leaders surveyed, managing the expectations and aspirations of a multi- generational workforce is the second most important trend.

About 34 per cent of the survey respondents mentioned fostering a culture that empowers employees to take risks and drive innovation and building a leadership pipeline is the third and fourth biggest trend respectively.

Performance management systems will undergo a significant and structural change and ranked this as the fifth most important HR game changer of 2016, the survey added.

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